Public Address/Public Interface setup for costume

I'm a Mandalorian Merc member, and I wanted to set up my costume with an arduino interface to amplify (or more to the point put it outside my armor) voice, and OPTIMALLY bring audio in and return it to my headset. My intention is to use a Bluetooh mic inside the helmet, and outside the helmet a wired mic, probably in my gauntlet. I have 3 questions regarding this.

1: Is this even possible? It seems it should be but i'm not sure. 2: If it is possible, Can someone tell me how? 3: Just in case I can't put it the exterior mic in my gauntlet and get it to sound right, is it possible to do a second bluetooth link to a second mic and make this still work?

Though you can use BlueTooth on the Arduino they are predominantly using the SPP serial stack and I don't know of any projects that have used a BlueTooth's audio stack protocol on an Arduino. For the job you describe I would think the simplest idea would be to run wires instead. Though I'm sure there is a reason you want to do this wireless.

Mostly convenience really, kinda awkard to walk around with wires running all over you. I mean I wager I could get the same thing done on an Android device, but then I have to try and work around the phone in the case, and it looks weird at a minimum, especially with the sunken screen. Also theres the issue that the gear is supposed to look "70's high tech" which means buttons.