[Published on GitHub] LinkedList Class (Fully implemented)

Hmmm. I missed that, too. It also means that the cast up front should be (char **), not (char *). That means that the variable type is wrong, too.

I think that you should be allocating memory for the string everytime you create a new one, otherwise you will just be overriding it, and all values in the IP struct inside the LinkedList, will ref. the same pointer.

And also, alocating more than the arduino can, can cause it to crash :astonished:

If that doesn't work, I can try it here (without arduino right now...)

Thank you ivanseidel for making this code public domain.

Yeah! Someone who actually gets that you cannot use GPL and LGPL embedded code in a commercial project!

I found other list like libraries that are licensed either GPL or LGPL. Basically they are useless to me because of my application. For something at home they would be fine, but for anything else they are useless.

I write open source code and have released a few projects mostly for hobbies. I always release under MIT for this reason. If I am giving code away I want people to use it! The only reason I do MIT is for CYA.

Again, thank you! You saved me having to write my own list.