[Published on GitHub] LinkedList Class (Fully implemented)

Hi folks,

I have published my LinkedList Class on GitHub. It’s REALLY usefull for all kinds of libraries and projects.

Features that are implemented:

  • LinkedList::LinkedList() - Constructor.
  • LinkedList::~LinkedList() - Destructor. Clear Nodes to minimize memory.
  • int LinkedList::size() - Returns the current size of the list.
  • bool LinkedList::add(T) - Add element T at the END of the list.
  • bool LinkedList::add(int index, T) - Add element T at index of the list.
  • bool LinkedList::unshift(T) - Add element T at the BEGINNING of the list.
  • bool LinkedList::set(int index, T) - Set the element at index to T.
  • T LinkedList::remove(int index) - Remove element at index. Return the removed element.
  • T LinkedList::pop() - Remove the LAST element. Return the removed element.
  • T LinkedList::shift() - Remove the FIRST element. Return the removed element.
  • T LinkedList::get(int index) - Return the element at index.
  • void LinkedList::clear() - Removes all elements.

For more information, and Latest releases go to GitHub - ivanseidel/LinkedList: 🔗 A fully implemented LinkedList made to work with general Microcontrollers and Arduino projects

Fell free to commit new changes and use it.