Publishing projects in a Design Magazine

I am an electronics hobbyist from India.
I have entered into publishing with Embedded For You Magazine.

About Magazine -

In this magazine we publish an Innovative application note on Embedded Systems using only ATMEL AVR microcotrollers so far.

Our Aim is to promote Teaching and Training on Embedded Systems in India,and in that we aid Teachers,Students and Hobbyists in developing projects on Microcontrollers.

I have posted this email , to invite people working on Arduino & other microcontroller projects,for publishing their Projects & Circuit Ideas in Embedded For You magazine.

The magazine contains a free PCB with its Source code and other API Software’s.
I have developed many projects so far and you all can have a look at them

If you know a person who might be interested in publishing his\her projects please let them know.Thank you for your help.

Thanks and Regards,
Divyansh Gupta
Embedded For You Magazine


3rd cross-post - you are playing with fire! suggest you delete all but one