PubSubClient and PulseOximeter cannot work together?

Hello there!
Can please help me I need to combine between detecting Beats per minute and Blood oxygen using MAX30100 sensor and ESP8266. When I run this code It didn't print out my heartbeat and SpO2 parameter..

But when I tried to comment out the reconnect then the arduino can print out the SpO2 and BPM readings..

Thank you for Your Help!



Now let's say your issue is with your code. Now how would you go about troubleshooting the code the OP posted?

Does it make sense that if you, the OP, thinks that your code is at fault and you seek help from others to fix the faulty code, to share the faulty code?

Your welcome.

I cannot see your code very clearly, it is a long way away. I think your problem lies between line 7 and line 99. I am not sure just guessing!

If you read the "how to post to these forums" postings/threads you'll realize that you
haven't posted your code and circuit and thus won't be likely to get any help as you've
provided no concrete details (essential to any analysis of a technical problem).

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