PUEB not declared in this scope, even though avr/io.h is included

I am trying to program the attiny84, and set a pin to have its internal pull-up resistor enabled. According to the datasheet(bottom of page 71), I would need to do something like:PUEB |= 1<<PUEB3 to enable PORTB3’s internal pull-up resistor. Unfortunately, using the arduino ide 1.8.5, and the attiny board library 1.0.2, PUEB was not declared in the scope even when avr/io.h is included.

I am not sure how to get around this, or what I need to include so that PUEB is defined. Has anyone else encountered this? Where should I file a bug report?

Edit: I have notice that the guidelines suggest posting the code for the sketch I am using so that I do not waste others’ time. I am using this TinyWire library.

// SCL on physical pin 9 (PA4)
// SDA on physical pin 7 (PA6)
// sensor on physical pin 3 (PB1)
#include <avr/interrupt.h>
#include <avr/io.h>
#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
#include "TinyWire.h"

// this is for physical pin 3, PB1
#define SENSOR_PIN PB1
#define mAddr 0x0A

volatile int blipsSeen = 0, i2cIndex = 0;
long lastTime = 0;
float flow = 0;
volatile char flowString[STRING_LENGTH];

ISR(INT0_vect) {

// This should be called STRING_LENGTH number of times in quick succession.
void i2cISR() {
    if(i2cIndex == STRING_LENGTH) 
        i2cIndex = 0;

void setupFlowSensor() {
    blipsSeen = 0;
    DDRB    &= ~(1<<SENSOR_PIN);  		// enables SENSOR_PIN to be an input
    PUEB    |= 1<<SENSOR_PIN;	   		// enables a 10kOhm pullup resistor on SENSOR_PIN
    PCMSK1  |= 1<<SENSOR_PIN;     		// enables SENSOR_PIN to be a pin listening for interrupts
    GIMSK   |= 1<<INT0;    	   		// enables INT0 interrupt
    MCUCR |= 1<<ISC01 | 1<<ISC00;	// enables only rising edge to trigger INT0 
    SREG    |=  1<<7;       			// enables interrupts

void estimateFlow() {
    // if 1000ms have passed or the millis counter rolled over
    if(millis()-lastTime > 1000 || millis() < lastTime) {
        // rightshift to divide by two because isr is triggered on a change, but we want rising
        int blips = blipsSeen;
        flow = blips/4.8;
        dtostrf(flow, 4, 2, flowString);
        //sprintf(flowString, "%d", blips);
        blipsSeen = 0;
        lastTime = millis();

void setup() {

void loop() {

I am trying to program the attiny84

According to the datasheet(bottom of page 71)

That's the datasheet for the ATtiny441/841, not the ATtiny84. Which chip are you actually using?