pules counter by counter

hi all, i am working with sensor which send pulses that have less than 1khz frequency. so i have to count this pulses, for this i am using counter to count those pulses. in my opinion it will never miss pulse because i am using hardware counter, in that counter count's independently from the controller so my controller can do any work besides counting and also never miss pules??? so it's like multitasking. which i am thinking is it right or else plz reply me ASAP. Thanks in advance

plz reply me ASAP

I suggest you put your phone away, and use a real computer to post on the forum. plz is for brain dead texting. Please is for adult conversation.

You have a programming question? Where’s your code?

You have a hardware question? Where’s your schematic? What components are you using?

What are pules?


First thing on that page: “Counter 1 - used to count pulses”