Pull Chain Switch

I'm a bit new to electronics/Arduino projects, so am looking for some help on some wiring needed for a project involving this Pull Chain: Buttons, Switches and Joysticks - Proto-PIC

The chain works like a fan chain would.

I am using an Arduino UNO

I have wired up the pull chain to a mini breadboard with a light that turns on and off just to test it's working. What I want to do, is get an analog/digital read each time the chain is pulled?

Is this possible? If so, would you be able to help me with how it would be wired up, as I am completely new to the electronics side of Arduino. I simply need to get a reading each time the chain is pulled, I don't need it to switch a light on.

Thanks all!

What you want to do is very feasible. There are several ways to do this, but rather than design this for you I would like to point you in the right direction. Here are some really great tutorials that should bring you up to speed.