Pull-Down Resistor Values?


I am currently using an Arduino Nano v3.0 to read the voltage of 3 analog and 1 digital input: 3 potentiometers (each 100kOhm) and 1 button. I have wired them according to the example diagrams found in the 'AnalogInput' & 'Button' tutorials, except that I have used a 100kOhm resistor as a pull-down resistor for the button (as opposed to 10kOhm used in the example). Since the Arduino has recently stopped working & I'm not that experienced with electronics I was wondering if the wrong resistor value could be the cause for this, or if I'd have to look for an error elsewhere.

Thanks for your time!

if I'd have to look for an error elsewhere.

Yes putting too high a value for the pull down would only affect the readings you get, there would be a bit more noise on them.

So look elsewhere.

Thanks for your quick answer! That's a relieve ...