Pulling data from MATLAB outputs to control motor position through Arduino


I'm building a darts playing robot as part of a uni project and we have written an image recognition code through MATLAB to detect the location of the darts, along with another code which uses the dart location to decipher the value of the throw and subsequently calculate the next throw in order to play a game of 501.

A mechanical system consisting of a series of crossbows, rails and motors has already been built to throw three darts and retrieve them, this has already been programmed through Arduino and can efficiently carry out the procedure.

The final phase is to run the MATLAB data into Arduino in order allow the system to respectively control the motors.

Does anyone know how best to go about this?


I don't know anything about Matlab. One or other of the examples in serial input basics may be useful on the Arduino side.

Have you decided what data needs to be sent from Matlab to the Arduino?