Pulling power through a buck converted and a 24v P/S

I am currently powering a pi 3b+ Through a buck converter hung from a 24v p/s. I wanted both 5v (pi) and 12v. (LEDs). I’ve been getting some undervoltage warning from octoprint and my setup is the problem. At present. I have a 24v p/s (240w) feeding a buck converter outputting 12v. That, in turn, is. Split between a small string (5) of. LEDs and another buck converter outputting 5v to the arduino.

My question: being the guy with the fork in the toaster most of the time, was this so bad an idea that these warning messages are telling me so?



You description sounds reasonable. Maybe it's not how you described, so a schematic and some photos of what you have, plus data about the items that you are using would help identify the problem.

What other load is on the 24V power supply and what is the load on the buck converter. If you can do it i would suggest moving the 5V input to the Vin and upping the voltage to about 8V. I use this approach as much as possible, the extra filtering never hurts and many times helps.

Ok, own up time! I go back and forth between Arduino and Raspberry Pi and a total eclipse of the brain set in as I thought about this question. But none the less, I am grateful

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