pulse controlled pfs on camera.

I'm searching for a way to control when a camera makes an image. For my application it would be great if i could send a pulse (or whatever) to a camera when to shoot a picture.

I have read many manuals like arducam and AVRCam but i found nothing for me. The cam is used for fpv in a rc plane but i want to limit the framerate to a point in a cycle. Frame rate would end up to be around 4 to 5 frames a second variable to puls.

So i only need frame rate control.


I fly RC and I have used a GO-PRO camera but I used in video mode.
What are the electrical parameters (voltage levels, pulse width , rise & fall time: x-don't care) ?

You've outlined your application but you really haven't stated you're question.
What do you want from us ? (Not trying to be rude, for example 5 frames a second is once every
200ms . So what is so difficult about generating a pulse every 200ms ? There must be something more
you are looking for . Can you be more specific ? What is it you want ? ("a way to..." is a bit vague.

I'm building a monocopter, a maple seed like plane that spins at 4~5 Hz.

I'm have build a arduino code so i can control its direction in flight. With the arduino on board its easy to get a puls for example when north passes. When a camera makes a picture every time at puls i can see forward.
So i need a simple cheap camera for fpv that accepts an input for triggering a frame.

On http://www.arducam.com/ I found this but i don't understand how i can use that. XCLK: clock input to the sensor ?

For a standard DVP image sensor you will find the following signals:

SCL: I2C compatible clock signal for sensor registers configuration
SDA: I2C compatible data signal for sensor registers configuration
XCLK: clock input to the sensor
PCLK: clock output from the sensor,
HREF: Line valid signal
VSYNC: Frame valid signal
Data[N-1..0]: Data output from the sensor, N is the internal ADC bit width.

What is model # of camera you want to use ?
The link is to a page with multiple models.

Nevermind. I found it.

i don't care what model of camera as long its not to expensive and small.
.I just want a camera thats capable of capturing images at a variable frame rate controlled by me. And of course it has to be used as a FPV camera with PAL output.

I think its possible to control frame rate on many camera's but i don't want to spend this year in understanding how its done. I just need to know what input i could use on what camera.