Pulse counting

This is all kind of new to me. The first part of this program I think I'm going to tackle is pulse counting.
One of the three inputs needs to count pulses and assign a value of 1 to 0 then concatenate with some other info to a software serial port. I'm just not quite sure where to start. The good news is that I know the hardware on the inputs work because i can get the output leds I am using for testing to indicate the binary state of the inputs. Anyone out there have some advice or pointers?

What frequency are the pulses?

I wanted to help but there is no information about the pulses and I don't know what "...1 to 0..." means and there is no information about the data that is being concatenated at the serial port.

Hey! Thanks for asking. The pulses are about 250ms at a guess. One pulse gives a value of one etc. What this project is, is a 1950s era telephone with a rotary dial that's going GSM. The 'phone number that's dialed is entered as a string or array (and I'm not sure which would be better) and gets sent out with an AT command in front of it Hays modem style.