Pulse from coin and bill

Dear friend, I have a ice vending machines with coin and bill acceptor.
I have a question for you...please help me.
The Ice Vending machines has be configured for euro and dollar market, but I have a customer in Chile interested to buy this machines.
The problem is the pulse in the machine.....
For example...in europe market I configure the machine to acept the coin and bill in Euro and configured the PULSE from coin to 0,50 and from bill to 1 and another parameter "ICE per PULSE) configured in 500gr and min price sale 2 euro and max price sale 3 euro.
With this configuration, when inserting 2 euros the machine delivers 2kg of ice And when insertin 3 euros the machine delivers 3kg.
The problem is that in Chile, the currency value is different and I should change the machine's software to configure the pulses of Chile.
The parameters max in the machines (PULSE FROM COIN) is 20 dollars but the currency value in Chile is different.
The Ice vending machine work property whit the parameters "0,50 dollar pulse from coin and 1 dollar pulse from bill" whit euros and dollar currency value.
What is the correct configurations for sale whit pesos chileno (CLP) 2kg of the ice 2000clp and 3kg of the ice 3000clp? I need to modify the parameters in this machine because The parameters max in the machines (PULSE FROM COIN) is 20 dollars but the currency value in Chile is different. But I do not know how to modify the software because the manufactured company who sold me the machines and closed.
Sorry for my English. I speak Italian and Spanish and small English.

Please help me.

Please confirm you DO have the source files and libraries for the software! And the software is for an Arduino microcontroller! And you are able to compile the original software with no errors!


Indeed, without access to the original source code (all of it) this project is pretty much dead in the water.

Well, maybe you could still do it, if you know exactly what hardware it has, how everything is wired, and then write your own version. But that's probably quite an undertaking.

The next problem: detecting what coins are inserted, so that mechanism may need to be changed so your pesos are detected correctly. I think that's usually done by weight, not sure about that. Others may know more.

Detecting bills is yet a different problem. You don't want people to be able to insert fakes of course so this should be a pretty complex thing. I really don't know how bill detection is done in vending machines, best guess would be that it's at least partly optical (and that would just about automatically exclude Arduino's ATmega processors).