Pulse meter with oled screen


I am trying to do pulse meter,i can print out on serial plotter but i cant transfer this instant output on oled screen,how can i do this.

Thanks for your helping

It would be quite helpful if you explain in more detail what your project exactly is, what kind of pulse you want to measure (heart pulse, quasar flux, lightning, the Big Bang?), what hardware you are using, and the kind of sketch you have in mind.

First of all thanks for reply,

My hardware parts are :

1-) Waveshare brand 1.3 inch oled screen
2-)Pulse sensor, here is the link : http://www.robotistan.com/pulse-nabiz-olcer
3-)Arduino nano, atmega 328

I want to transfer the heartbeat diagram to the oled screen.

I can print the serial plot heartbeat diagram but I can not reflect it on the oled screen.

Thats my problem,i hope i can explain my problem

Hi Maker-Boy

From the Robotistan website this device looks like a heartbeat pulse meter.,
I see three wires: red, black and pink.
Connect the red wire to 5V on your Arduino, the black wire to GND, and the pink wire to A0
Then run the sketch accessible via the Robotistan product page , Buy Pulse Measurement Sensor with cheap price

A detailed, complete description of the sketch is available at

What I always do when I receive a new sensor:

1st step: connect to arduino and check with Serial Monitor whether the device works
2nd step: if the device works, then import the relevant part of the sletch in a sketch that drives a display.

(Serial Monitor is great for debugging)
I notice from your post that you ahve already taken the 1st step. Bingo.

To help you with the OLED display, I think you will greatly assist if yous upply teh same kind of info as you did with the heartbeat pulse meter!

In my Solaruniverse blog of July 17 there is a description of an OLED 128x32 display plus sketch