Pulse Oximeter Breakout Module YS2000

Hi All,

I'd like to interface one of the below modules to an Arduino Mega. I've searched the web, but cannot find a datasheet for it.
However, there is some information provided on the page, but not very much. I see the board has SCLK marked on it, presumably for SPI comms. Also RX-TX for Serial.

My question is a bit vague, but I'm wondering how difficult/easy it might be to figure out how to use SPI or Serial to get the pulse rate BPM, etc into the Arduino given there's no sample code or even a Byte Order or timing diagram etc, usually found in a datasheet, just by trial and error using Arduino's IDE Serial Monitor or something? This is one of the cheapest units I've seen. There's a Nonin OEM board available that has a datasheet ect, but that's about $300 USD.

Any help/pointers appreciated-



I've just bought this spo2 module (ys2000a, with usb) from aliexpress. A manual can be found in berry-med.com web page:


It's not very detailed but can help.

I will tell you later on.