Pulsed Light 'Blue Label' LIDAR-Lite Test Results


I recently received one of Pulsed Light’s new ‘Blue Label’ LIDAR-Lite units, and I have been doing some tests with it in preparation for using it in a spinning-LIDAR navigation system. Although I had some initial problems, the latest V2 library version from Pulsed Light seems to be working great.

See all the details in my ‘Paynters Palace’ blog site here


Can you post the sketch used and results (or other details) on the forum too?

Furthermore the slow down problem you mention on the forum is worth discussing here I think.


The Pulsed Light folks have a number of example sketches that work well for initial testing - see their site (pulsedlight3d.com) for the links. I used their 'Distance as Fast as Possible' example sketch for initial operational tests, and then modified it to interface with my spinning-LIDAR setup. You can see the evolution of my spinning LIDAR system on my blog site at 'Paynters Palace' (fpaynter.com). I just posted an article today describing a new tach wheel/sensor design.

Email me at 'pay[remove this]nterf[at]gmail[DOT][COM]' and I'll be happy to share my sketches with you. However, as they depend heavily on interrupts from my tach wheel & sensor setup, they might not work in your hardware setup.



Have you guys been able to use I2C library from DSS on Arduino due?