PulseIn() with PPM on RC controller

Hi all, :slight_smile:
I'm working on a 6 wheels robot based on the thumper 6WD chassis, and i want to control it with a RC controller via arduino. I use a Arduino mega2560, a monster moto shield (from sparkfun) and i tryied also to use a UNO board to avoid this problem but nothing changed. I want to use the pulseIn() function to read the RC receiver but when i try it on the 8 channels, one after the other only the values on certains digital pins are read. I tryied to change the pins and with some it works, but with some other it doesn't. I was wondering if the pulseIn() function works only on some of them or if I'm dong something wrong. I d'ont understand also because if i plug the channels in the wotking pins every channel has a signal and arduino can read them, but on the other pins there is no signal. I'm sure that the RC receiver is working and until now I've never had problems with the mega.

I will post the code as soon as i get it by email (I'm away from home and I forgot to copy it on my USB drive :sweat_smile: )

Thank you for your help,