Puma 560 robot arm

Hey guys, I need some help from some great minds in this forum. I currently have a project that I've been working on for about 10 years now and it seems like technology might have caught up to make my project feasible. I currently have a puma 500 industrial robot that the controller AKA power supply has been completely gutted and retooled with gecko drives and microprocessors. The individual that was working on my project ended up moving and so my project got halted. The software that was being used at the time was Linxus CNC software. It seems now that it Arduino on board and newer software can tackle a lot faster not simpler than what I've currently was using. What I'm asking for the Forum is a collaboration effort from the expert Minds that you guys are and see if you can help me bring this 10 year project to fruition please let me know. If you need more information and details on the project and or photos let me know I didn't want to post them to overwhelm everyone. My end goal is to make it a airbrush robot.

If you want somebody to continue or finish your project, you better ask for assistance in Gigs and Collaboration.

I love working with GECKO drivers - but no experience with PUMA. OP, where are you located?

I don't want someone to finish it for me I need collaboration. I live in Orlando Florida

Sorry, i wasn't trying to usurp your project, but with gear of that level. it's often more useful to see the exact application and physical constraints.

I guess you need to post a Florida call for help, or in a PUMA user group.

Count me in!

I am doing a similar project an was minutes away from purchasing some gecko drives when I thought I would do one last search on Google to see if there was any information on this retrofit that I had missed. There are definitely other people interested in this sort of retrofit but no one has published any usable information as of yet.

I have a PUMA 700 that I am wanting to use as part of a custom welding station. My plan is to mount the robot on a large metal table I have & build a rotary table in front the robot. I plan on using the Mesa 7i77 & 5i25 kit to control the 5 axis robot & rotary table together to achieve full manipulation of the part. I too plan on using Linux CNC.

I'm building this to satisfy the increased production demands that we currently have in our shop and I will be working on this aggressively until it is finished.