Punch Down Block as terminal


Is it a good idea using "Telephone Punch Down Block S66M1-50 Siemon" as wire terminals connected to arduino pins?
The wire is cat5e length 10m max for analog 0-5V and digital 5v signals.
Does anyone has experiment?

Thank You

That would work.

If you have the tool.

thank you!

Have used 66 blocks for many many years, Signal types used for have varied from control voltages, serial data, audio, synchro/servo. They make a vary nice way to take a cable bundle and break it out to circuit groups or cross jumper. They are very reliable, we have had circuits that were wired with out issues back 25 years.

As stated use a punch down tool made for the block you used, some folks I have seen try to use pliers or a screw driver for pushing the wire in. While it may make a connection it will not be reliable. There are both 66 blocks and 110 blocks and different tools for each.