Punch machine program problem

Hello guys,

I am trying to make a punch machine for my son (he is a boxer). And he wants to be able to measure his punches at home. But that's where my problem starts, because I have tried a lot of programs i have written. But none of them have worked. That's why I am asking for your help with programming my punching machine.

Here are the components i have:

Arduino Uno
MAX7219 Dot Matrix 4 in 1
Qwiic Accelerometer MMA8452Q (sparkfun)
Potentiometer 47k Lin. A Omeg

So if any of you know how to program this it would help me very much. The accelerometer would go onto an box ball so it measures the acceleration and then u should be able to measure the force by calculating it. Then i would like to have it displayed on the display from like a range from 0-99 or 0-999.

Thank you in advance.

Post the code you have tried, and we'll tell you have to fix it. That's how it usually works...
We're not paid, and you'll learn nothing if we write it for you.
Sorry :slight_smile:

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