Punching Micro USB holes in aluminium enclosure

Hello Gang,

I am looking for the best way to make proffessional looking USB Micro holes in aluminium enclosure not very thick about 1/8.

cant find metal punch oher than for round holes.

all I can think of is to get myself a 3018 Pro CNC and use it as a router?


An internet search on the words "micro usb punch set" did not return you a result set?

Tried that got me nowhere?

what I would like is a simple punch or plier style punch that can get through aluminium not too thick, but can't find that anywhere, closest I got was plier style for metal that would do 1/8icnh holes BUT... only round holes...

Metalworking is a hobby of mine, so I'd probably just use a milling machine :slight_smile:
Not having that (or if it's inconvenient, etc) the next choice would be to drill or punch a couple of small holes in a straight line and then file the edges flat so you have the correctly shaped opening. Time consuming, but without the right tools, it's not trivial.

Since it's generally easier to drill or punch a round hole, I tend to prefer round connectors. You can find micro usb connectors that are designed for round openings. Search "micro usb round panel mount." Of course, they will cost more.

What you can also do if you're using a clamshell case and you can align the connector with the area where the two halves come together, is to use a file or a nibbler to make an opening on one or both edges. Sometimes this is easier.



Do you really mean 1/8 inch? Do you have a big enough hydraulic press to do such a job? If not, look into EDM, Electric Discharge Machining. That is doable in a home shop environment.

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