Purchacing Servos

I was looking for a reliable place to pick up some servo motors. Any suggestions? I am planning on building a pan/tilt device for a webcam.

Most any hobby shop or the major online robot stores will have servos. www.parallax.com is one place.

Thanks, I am going to order two of the Futaba servos and play around with them.

Cheap servo's can be found here: http://www.hobbycity.com

Standard brand-name servos (futaba, Hitec) should be available at nearly any hobby shop that sells remote control stuff. A "Standard" servo is probably a good starting place, and will probably cost about $15 each. Discount online hobby shops (towerhobbies.com, for instance) will probably have better deals (about $9) on standard servos, and there are places in China (hobbycity.com) that have very good prices on somewhat questionable servos, especially on things like micro-sized servos, which carry a price premium at retail, but are probably cheaper to make and ship.

The local hobby store RC expert is likely to have useful information if you have questions, but he may also be a good salesman. You don't need a "digital servo" (more expensive) to talk to your digital arduino, and servos are pretty-much servos; no particular need for a "robotics servo" just cause you're building a robot. The key differentiators are size, torque, and range of motion.