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New guy here! I am an experienced Windows user and PHP - MySql programmer and want to try my hand at Arduino.
My ultimate goal is to make a battery operated (backlit) digital walking wheel for measuring distance in feet/inches with simple start/stop and reset buttons.

I went to my local Microcenter computer store and found a ton of Arduino kits and accessories and don't know really where to begin. I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction of which kit or components I should buy to learn the basics of Arduino as well as getting this project started. Also, if this project is even feasible with Arduino.

I did pick up an EC82-250-5 Rotaswitch optical encoder for Arduino to get the pulses. That about all I have so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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If you are a beginner then any Arduino will do for learning. Personally I would think a Nano Every and some breadboard to plug it in to would be a good start. Or buy one of the many educational kits and work through the examples. Do you know C or C++ already? If not be ready to learn that they don't do some of the things that are easy in PHP and MySQL.

I'm not keen on the Uno as a learning tool because it doesn't have spare, independent serial port and the connectors are a pain for wiring things up. Nano Every in breadboard and you can stick wires into the breadboard easily.

Please post a link to the rotary encoder. Google isn't being helpful today.

I prefer and have given the kit sold here


It comes with a nice 170 page text, you don't have to mess around with poorly formatted web pages

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Thanks to everyone online I got advice from an online store blog of arduino.