Purchased IDE versus Free IDEs

Currently using the Arduino IDE. As we all know its debug facilities kind of start and end with the Serial.print(). But for the purpose it was designed there can be no complaints.

Suppose I want to move on to the ARM processors I find that there are many free IDEs like the Code Composer from TI / the AVR Studio.7.0.

In comparison there also are the ones which one can buy like the ones from KEIL.

Question is.. what kind of trade offs are there with the free ones ? Or there is no trade off and all are equally " good " for the intended purpose of compiling code and downloading on to the MCU ?

Any insights into this area welcome ! Thanks.

i use atmel AS7 and only mess with cortex boards, im not that experienced, it was a pain in the a.. to set up but it does what i want it to.

for proper debugging with arm i use a j link edu, but i think the atmel ice version might be a better way to go.

CCS can load Energia files which are very much like Arduino.

CCS 7 is now free.

TI Launchpads come with jtag debuggers.