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I don't know where else to post this, but here. I'd say sorry, except you guys make this site soooo insanely hard to naviagte, that it's clearly on you. GET A CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER!
Why should I be forced to "select the type of inquiry" if none of the available options match? Arduino makes it sooooooooooooooo difficult to get any kind of help. When I try to use ?Help button on the bottom right I get "Error 1016 Ray ID: 61e880bca821fdbd • 2021-02-08 21:39:21 UTC Origin DNS error" if I'm lucky, more often, the site just times out. Your website design is so paternalistic, that and difficult to use, that I hardly trust that I will get any help at all, but here goes: I just placed and order#200081251, and it was placed on hold, and I cannot find any information under "My Orders" or anywhere else that indicates why it was placed on hold. I contacted my bank and they gave me the phone number associated with the chard (which was approved), I called it and it's just an automated system that asks for a PIN (which I haven't been given) and then hangs up on me. There's NO option to SPEAK TO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Plus, your stupid website won't accept my email address and again, but of poor design, that leaves me with no option but to enter gibberish just to have the chance to try to hopefully get some help. maybe you care? probably not. my arduino user name is brown_sparrow1 I will look for a response in my message box (if your stupid web site feels like letting me view it again; It took 5 tries to get it to load last time!) Arduino products are fun and interesting, but that's not a good enough reason to make them frustrating as hell to buy, jerks.


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The support form does appear to have a fault at the moment and I will pass that upstairs right away.
Thanks for pointing it out.

Although not too clear you have to fill out the boxes in order before the "select the type of inquiry" becomes usable.

I missed that myself and the support team is looking to make it better.

You seeming also have a ticket open too so expect something in your email.


As expected, no one has respond to my request for help, and now my order #200081251 has disappeared from my list of order. No one has sent me a message to explain what's going on. You guys are the WORST. Why did you cancel my order?! Why won't anyone communicate with me?! Why can't I get anyone on the phone do discuss this?! Why won't you respond to me!? I cannot believe businesses still exist in the world. PLEASE CONTACT ME TO LET ME KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON.

Almost everyone in this forum does NOT work for Arduino and we are just users such as yourself.

Use the form shown below and fill the boxes in the order shown.



I appreciate the attempt to help, but I just get this error when I follow the link:
An Error Has Occurred
You are not allowed to access this section

It was a picture of the form that's all use THIS link for the form itself while I see what happened to the pic.
Hopefully it attached correctly this time.

also, if it's just a link to https://www.arduino.cc/en/contact-us/ I've already tried that several times. the form won't accept my email address and even when I just typed gibberish in the email field and requested that I be contacted through my brown_sparrow1 message inbox, no one contacted me.

my profile has my verified email address (not the gibberish) and I've followed the link to verify my account, still no one has contacted me. I put my phone number in the order form when I placed my order, and still no one has contacted me. I just don't know what other option are available to me. I reached out to the forum because nothing else has worked. Now I learn that no one here can help me either. If arduino wanted to contact me, they could; I've given them every means to do so.

I just don't get it, why would arduino make it sooo hard and sooo frustrating to buy their products?! Again, my order number is #200081251, if anyone here can forward my message to someone who can do something, I would really appreciate it. But, at this point, I simply ask that the charge to my credit card be reversed and that I get confirmation that my order was in cancelled. I found a website that WITH A CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER, where I can buy the arduio product I want for a little bit more money, but A LOT less frustration over the phone.

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Just tried the form and it completed and sent correctly.

Even got the confirmation email here.

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