Purpose of NVRAM and ART mtd partitions (arduino Yun/Tian ?)


I try to experiment with different flash configuration to accomodate the bigger linux kernel which come with versions > 4.4. So I need to understand the partitionning somehow, and I was wondering:

  • what is the purpose of linino-caldata.bin ?
  • what is the purpose of the nvram partition ?
  • what is the purpose of the art partition ?

And finally, is there a github lede-project from arduino/linino people somewhere as suggested by the presence of nightly images ?


This link contains vague explanation about ART and NVRAM.

  • what is the purpose of linino-caldata.bin ? Is this ART data ? Can I just copy it to the ART partition ? Or does it have to be adapted to my device ?
  • why is there a NVRAM partition, which is, as mentionned in your link, related to Broadcom, on an Atheros chip ? Is it relevant ?
  • what is the structure of this ART partition ? Is there any documentation ? Can I do stuff like changing the default mac address ?
  • is there a public git repository for the lininoOS LEDE branch ?