Push a physical button on specific time

I have a problem, each morning I have to get up at 6 o clock just to turn on a light switch on some room (dont ask me why), I thought that there must be a way to automatize this behaviour so I can get more sleep.

I have a little experience with mbot, and I have an Arduino UNO R3 SMD Edition prototyping platform. I wonder if I can attach a stick or something like that so when time is 6 o clock in the morning, robot would add some force to that stick so it would hit the light switch.

The problem is, I have no idea what stuff do I need to buy? How to apply pressure to stick and etc. Or maybe there is an easier way to accomplish this task? (But keep in mind that I have 0 experience with electricity, I read some tutorials that involves attaching robot to switch inner things, but I think it can be dangerous for me to do such things).

You could probably MacGyver a mechanism using a servo controlled by your arduino to do this for you.

Either a servo (can nicely turn out of the way when done), or a solenoid would work for this.

Much simpler would be to install a timer switch.


Much simpler would be to install a timer switch.

There are lots of timers that can plug into wall sockets and operate lamps. There are timers that can replace wall light switches. There are even timers that fit over existing light switches and presumably operate the light switch mechanically. No doubt there are even timers that can be fitted into the light bulb socket.
Timers are the way to go unless you really want to develop some electromechanical device of your own.