Push and Pull Control


I want to control the on and Off the 3 phase induction motors using arduino. previously i posted he question on this, and some how I sorted that I can replace the On and Off push buttons with relays and we can operate them using arduino. But the problem is the starter coil rated at 440 volts, so it becomes expensive.

so Is it possible to have some sort of mechanism to control the on and off push buttons(push and pull controls?) like we send the digital high it will press the start button for 10 sec. may be using stepper motor or servo motor or any other means, i am not expert here so any suggestions are welcomed.

not sure why they are using 440VAC as the coil voltage.
but, like most coils, the power needed to operate is not that high.

unfortunately, once you get into that high of a voltage, you do need to move up in ratings. most of the cheap ones max out around 230 VAC

you might have to get a separate 440volt rated contacts on a relay and use that.
it will still be cheaper and more efficient than trying to push the buttons with a motor.

however, you could create a bracket that had a lever…

maybe you can get starter coils for less $$ in lower voltages ? that would require a power transformer rated for 440 primary. here in the states, 120V coils are common, the lower voltage ones can be hard to find or very pricey.

look at a push-pull solenoid as well. that might be able to be used depending on the travel needed and the force required.

Hi, by using a 440Vac coil, you only need the three phases and earth to your switching unit, no need to provide the neutral.

Tom… :slight_smile:

i am attaching the wiring diagram of starter…
the coil is rated at the 440 volts.
I think Push pull solenoid is better choice.
I dont think we need more force for the pressing Push button(?)
do we any means increase the the stroke(travel)

you have a direct on-line starter so there is no separete voltage for the coil. no need as it does not leave the enclosure.

if you use a push only solenoid, you would need two. if you use a push-pull, you would need to make an adaper like the sketch shown for the stepper.

I can think of other ways, such as a pair of cams on a DC motor.

most of it comes down to your ability and resources for making parts work.