Push Button and RFID output control loop

Hello, I’m doing a project in which I need input to LED to go HIGH and should only become LOW when a specific RFID tag is given to the module. Like this, I will be having no. input pushbuttons for different RFID tags and I have written the program just for two pushbuttons.
The problem I’m facing is that when I press PB1 to HIGH, LED1 will glow and when a corresponding RFID tag is shown it will become LOW. This will happen for PB2 to LED2. I want a solution such that when PB1 is High, I don’t want PB2 to be High even whn PB2 is pushed, I want PB1 loop to be finished. I don’t know where I should put the loop for each PBs such that only 1 PB will be HIGH at any given point of time.The program for the code is attached below.So anyone please help me its abit urgent .
And please pardon my typing and grammar errors


PbRfid.ino (2.12 KB)