Push Button as a Switch

I have a Situation where i want the push button to work exactly as a switch, let me elaborate it.
Whenever a pushbutton is pressed it sends a HIGH and the LED blinks and when we stop pressing the button the LED turns off but can we program it in such a way that when we Press the button it Turns ON the LED and it stays like that until we press it again. Please Help me in this :~

Thanks in Advance......

File > Examples > 02.Digital > StateChangeDetection

It's called a "toggle" - the basis of the code is that when the button is pushed, if the output was low, set it high else if the output was high, set it low.

The first complication is as mentioned "state change", you only want to do this when the button was released and it has since become pressed.

However in fact, a pushbutton does not behave in the way you would desire - the contacts bounce such that over a period of a few milliseconds, the contact is made, breaks, is made again, breaks again and so on until it finally stays in contact. And it can be similarly uncertain as it breaks, so both the "make" and the "break" must be "de-bounced".

I hope this previous submission of mine might give you some ideas.