Push-button HID input

Does anyone have an example of creating a simple HID based input device for a computer? I have no clue the steps required to interface with Windows on a, I guess, driver level through the USB... or if this is possible at all.

What I'm aiming for is if someone has done this before (I'm sure someone somewhere has), but a writeup of how to make an input device similar to only the buttons on a Joystick. You know like when you get a joystick, it'll have about 10 buttons on them, and when you interface with the computer using DirectInput you simply call them Button0, Button1, etcetera. That's what I want to do... be able to use a basic board with about 10 push button switches that I can press and react to them on the computer.

Thanks for any pointers or tips in advance.

You're in good shape, it is possible to do this with a small microcontroller or Arduino. Search these forums for the AVR-USB on Arduino, or just search the internet for AVR-USB.

Wow! That is ridiculously awesome! Exactly what I needed, thanks!

I have used this and found it very good.:-

Just to make it obvious: UsbJoystick library for Arduino :slight_smile: