Push Button Switch that can be depressed by weight of a marble

I'm looking for some type of simple push button switch that can get depressed by the weight of a marble on it.

All the ones I've seen so far are actually quite hard to press down on, and by no means could a marble activate them.

You know there's not much inside a switch? Two pieces of metal touching makes a switch. Get a paperclip and aluminum foil to make the two sides of the switch. It won't last very long but how many marbles do you have?

Thanks for the suggestion. But this thing will actually need to last. It will be getting lots of usage, and lots of marbles dropped on it. So, I was looking for something with a little more durability, haha.

Dropped or rolling detection?

Optics is one way.

Maybe a piezo sensor. .

Tilt switch is another.

Or how about a micro-switch with a lever: the longer the lever the easier it will be, although it will require more travel.


There are low torque micro-switches available such as the ones in this datasheet.

@LarryD Dropped...imagine a tube, I want to drop a marble down the tube, and know when the marble is at the bottom. If it is, I light an LED....if it isn't, LED is off.

bigandphat: I want to drop a marble down the tube

Well if you can cut a slot near the bottom of the tube for the lever so the tip of the lever is in the tube, and if the microswitch can be a couple of cm away to the side, my suggestion in #5 could work.

Could the solution use a photointerrupter? This could accommodate a clear tube 1.26" O.D. Click image for details.