Push on/off button output never stable 0

Hi, I need a little help
I'm trying to use a button in this pic with the wiring

But seems like everytime its in Off condition the output never goes 0. It will be 111100001111

The code here

const int buttonBL = 3;
int buttonBR = LOW;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  if (digitalRead(buttonBL)==HIGH) Serial.print("1"); else Serial.print("0");

Teach me please
Thank you


A better way to wire a momentary switch (button) is one side of the switch to ground and the other side of the switch to a digital input set to pinMode(INPUT_PULLUP). The switch will read HIGH when not pressed and LOW when pressed.

Here are several ways for wiring a switch, pick your poison.


done thank you

I can do it with INPUT_PULLUP and wiring S3
Thanks all and larryd