pushbutton bouncing

is there still "bouncing" if I hold the pushbutton at press state? or does "bouncing" only happen during the initial press?? im confused :frowning:

Yes, it normally only occurs during the initial press. You may also see bouncing when releasing the button.

If it's a button you have to hold, that can get tiring and the person may release the button. You can add an extra "debounce" if you think that someone releasing the button and then pushing it again less than half a second later should be ignored. This is not normally a good design.

oooohh that explains my design. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sometimes the bounce characteristics are specified with the pushbutton. Some types are designed to be bounce free. Any type that is not snap-action or tactile and relies on the force of the press to close the contacts could produce noise/bouncing during the press itself.

If you wish to learn more about debouncing here you'll find a nice document to read.

Ciao, Ale.

But sometimes, just a quick 'n' dirty 100nF~1µF capacitor across the button is all you need :wink: