Pushbutton working with 5V power, not with 12V

Hi, Im working on a simple LED strip project with an arduino nano which has a button that cycles through different lighting effects that I programmed. When testing, I power everything with USB and the button works fine, but when I try to power everything through the Vin pin using a 12V power adapter, the button no longer works.

The button simply connects between digital pin 4 and ground, uses no external resistor, only the internal pullup resistor.

I use the library Onebutton.h

Could anyone point me in the right direction to solving this problem? because I am completely lost!!

Standard answers…
Code in code tags…
Wiring diagram/schematic..
Links to your devices (power supply etc…

Then we mignt be able to answer.


Hey, your response got me thinking there should be a 'button' so that we can just reply with the 'Standard Answer'.


I guess this libary is voltage sensitive. :nerd_face:

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