pushbuttons+74hc595(s)+arduino Micro = custom PC game Keypad

I want to build a custom Keypad for a PC game I play. I know I could hack a keyboard but I do not want to for two reasons, 1 I want to implement some mouse controls and 2 I want to be able to I made that including the code. my plan is to use an Arduino Micro and for the most part follow what is being said in these videos How to Control a Ton of Inputs using Shift Registers! - YouTube and Part 2 - How to Control a Ton of Inputs using Shift Registers! - YouTube. however what he does not say and I need your help on is how do I make the Arduino Micro and 74hc595 tell the PC that the "_" key was pressed (where _ = whatever I assign that particular key in the Arduino to be).

Read all about the keyboard library hereā€¦

Yes I know about the Keyboard Library. in those video he is shifting data in storing the data in the Uno then shifting it back out. what I need to know is how to work with the data once it is in the Arduino.

I press some combination of buttons > 74HC595 shifts this into the Arduino Micro > My code does some stuff (this "stuff" is what I need help with) > Arduino Micro tells PC the letters (this is where the Keyboard Library comes in) Q, S, H & J (for example) were pushed, or I'm holding a button that both "presses" the right mouse button and moves it vertically till button is released > PC and game respond accordingly.

Draw a schematic and post a photo of it. We'll talk about your question when you've posted the schematic. I don't have time to watch videos. I'm too busy answering questions like yours .

Hi cpoole2005,

Not sure if you realise this but the '595 is an ouput register, not an input register. You can't "shift in" from it to the Arduino. What you can do is use it to scan your buttons in turn, and read the state of each button with a single Arduino input. You will need 8 diodes, one attached to each switch.

Is the Pro Micro doing anything else? If not, why do you want to use a shift register at all? Just wire 8 buttons each to their own input.