Pushdata.io: free sensor (timeseries) data storage

Hi all!

I have built an online timeseries data storage service called pushdata.io and I want to make it more suitable for IoT hackers everywhere. Please check it out and give me feedback!

The whole point of pushdata.io is to make timeseries data storage simple for the IoT community. When you’re wrestling with bothersome electronics you don’t also want to have to setup a local database solution with the maintenance that entails, just so you can store a handful of timeseries data points from your temperature sensor.

Code example:

#include <Pushdata_ESP8266_SSL.h>

Pushdata_ESP8266_SSL pd;

void setup() {
   pd.addWiFi("MyWiFiSSID", "MyWiFiPassword");

void loop() {
   if (pd.monitorWiFi() != WL_CONNECTED)
   if (millis() % 60000 == 0)
      // send a data point (4711) which will be timestamped with the current time
      // and stored in the timeseries "MyTimeseries"
      pd.send("MyTimeseries", 4711);

There is also a feature that allow you to flash multiple ESP8266-based sensors with the exact same image but where the uploaded sensor readings from each sensor will end up in separate timeseries (named using the unique ethernet MAC address of the ESP8266).

pushdata.io was actually release a while ago, but today I finally managed to finish the ESP8266 client library that will make it a bit more accessible to Arduino developers. There is also a Python library for those who e.g. collect sensor data using MQTT to a central Raspberry PI or similar, and would like to upload the data from there.

More info about the client libraries: Pushdata.io blog

Pushdata chart screenshot

Any feedback is welcome!