Hi all,

I have been trying to send data through PushingBox. The Arduino with WiFi shield is able to send. But after a few transmissions, the serial print is such:

Set-Cookie: 60gpBAK=RXXXXXX; path=/; expires=Mon, 25-Jan-2016 03:26:06 GMT Content-Type: text/html Set-Cookie: 60gp=RXXXXXXXXX; path=/; expires=Mon, 25-Jan-2016 03:22:43 GMT Server: Apache Content-Location: pushingbox.php Vary: negotiate,Accept-Encoding TCN: choice Transfer-Encoding: chunked Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2016 02:16:25 GMT Connection: close X-Geo: varn11.rbx5 X-Geo-Port: 1010 X-Cacheable: Not cacheable: no cache headers from backend

After this nothing is happening. Any idea on what might be the problem? Please do give your suggestions.

Thank you.