put analogRead and digitalRead in 1 if statement.

So basicly I want to have a digitalRead and an analogRead in 1 statement. So far I have this:

if (digitalRead(inPin1 && inPin2 && inPin3 && inPin4) == LOW&& analogRead(laserPin > threshold)) {
    digitalWrite(munt1Pin, HIGH);
    Serial.println("munt 1");

unfortunately it won't work. Can someone help me with this?
threshold is set to 300. analogpin gives me a value of 255

You need to use individual reads of the digital pins

inPin1 && inPin2 && inPin3 && inPin4

This will evaluate to either true or false (1 or 0) depending in the values of inPinX and hence result in a digitalRead of pin 1 or pin 0.