Put WT11 of Arduino BT to SLEEP or SNIFF mode?

I try to save the power comsumption in the Arduino BT unit, as we all know the WT11 when transfering data consumes a lot of power. In my case sometimes it doesn’t need to transfer anything until event arrive!

So I want to send commands to put the WT11 into SNIFF or SLLEP mode:

BlueGiga recommended to use for SLEEP:

Serial.println(“SET BT PAGEMODE 0 2000 2”); // <— Not connectable and invisible
Serial.println(“SET CONTROL CONFIG 10”); // <— Auto deep sleep


Serial.println(“SET BT SNIFF 2 2”);

*) When it does not SLEEP nor SNIFF, I measure current is: 115 mA while transfer rapidly & not transfer is 92mA (use DMM measures the current at the X1-1 5VDC Positive input )

*) But when I send those above commands … it stays at 92mA & I don’t know why?

  • Do I mis-understand some thing?