Putting 2 8x32 led matrixes on top of each other?

Hi! I’m trying to program together a few LED matrixes to make some simple games with a joystick. I’ve bought two of the MAX7219 8x32 led matrixes, and want to put one on top of the other to make that 16x32. I have no idea how to define the location of the individual 8x8 matrixes. Thank you.

What do you mean, "define the location"? The IC's are designed to be connected sequentially (daisy chain). The LedControl library (and any other sensible MAX7219 library) allows you to define how many IC's are connected together, and there are library routines then can treat the array as one big 8xN array.

I imagine you should "define" your location as the location where they actually are. I actually have a dual display like you describe, the arrangement is wired like
because I took the output signal from the top array and fed it to the input of the lower array.

If you want to address pixels directly in X and Y coordinates in a 16x32 matrix, it is simple math. You just need to put on your thinking cap. If you do it once and succeed, you will be miles ahead of someone telling you how to do it.