Putting an Arduino Mega 2560 into DFU Mode

Hi, I recently bought a fake Mega 2560 off of eBay. However, I was planning on using it to power a USB MIDI controller, so I was wanting to load HIDUINO firmware onto it. I’m familiar with DFU mode on the software side of things, but I’m unsure how to put the board itself into the DFU state. I attached images of the board (since it is not an official Arduino brand board) below in case that might help. Thanks!

Your board does not have a 16u2 as the USB/Serial controller, so it can't go into DFU mode, and it can't be a USB MIDI controller. (it looks like a CH340G-based board. The CH340G seems to work fine as a USB/Serial converter, but it's not reprogrammable - it ONLY does USB/Serial.)

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the info!