Putting header files (.h) onto sd card?

Hello, sorry to bug the community once more, I just have a simple question...Can header files be loaded from the SD card? and if so how? Im using an audio library that requires the sound data to be hex and all the sound files will not fit the flash memory on my device. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time.

What library? What hardware?

Actually, im sorry. I just found my answer i didnt read the github notes under the example well enough it seems. My apologies for the post.

I guess that as you found out, the answer is "no" :slight_smile: During the the first step of the compile process (the pre-processing) of you sketch, a file that you #include is verbatim copied into your sketch. Hence the answer is "no".

You can store any form of data in a file on SD, read and process it and send it to your library functions.

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