Putting the Yun Back Into Access Point Mode

Is there any way other than the 30 second WLAN reset to put the Yun back into AP mode?

I tried deleting the Wireless Name and clearing the checkbox in the wireless parameters section of the configuration panel.



You can run wifi-reset-and-reboot from a console session.

If you only want part of it reset to the original settings you can see the uci commands it uses by cat /usr/bin/wifi-reset-and-reboot

Thanks. I'll give that a try.

There's no place in the web interface/configurator that you can do this?

I couldn't find it on first look, today it is obvious.

In luci under Status->Overview toward the bottom of the page there are two links to the wifi connection in use that show the SSID of the wlan, clicking either one will take you to a page where you can set this under Interface Configuration. You will have to put in all the details it doesn't the factory config as an option.

Also under System->Back Up/Flash Firmware there is a reset to defaults that says it will put the Yun entirely back to the factory settings entirely.

Excellent. Thanks, I see the reset to defaults option now. That looks like the easiest.

Will try the other way as well the next time I put it into client mode.

Thanks again for the help.