Putting together a kit for a kid

I have a friend that has a very smart and precocious 10 year old that likes to make things in games like minecraft and LBP. I was talking to my friend and we thought it would be neat to put together a kit so they can do projects together, and if she has interest, she can keep going.

So I went through my stuff and grabbed a bunch of things.

LEDs, button cells, and magnets for throwies.
Some PIR sensors, light sensors, and a battery pack for a night/motion sensor light.

Miscellaneous things:
Solderless breadboard
Micro Servo motor
buttons, switches, and potentiometers
couple of mosfets
DC motors and motor driver IC (probably a bit advanced, but still fun)
Shift registers
an adafruit RF dongle and receiver (love those things)
Sainsmart relay module
....and a whole bunch of other odds and ends.

The plan is to also include sketches to run some sample projects with it. I'll probably preload the arduino with a master sketch that will run various other sketches depending which pin is pulled low.

What I want to ask you guys is, does this sound good? Given the age, what else would you include? What might you remove? What item do you wish came in your starter kit that didn't?

I got my 14 year old daughter the littleBits/Korg Synth Kit, and pretty soon she was hooking up servos, LEDs and various sensors. She was into music, not electronics, but it sure sparked an interest!

NeoPixel strips or rings are fun.

Get an ethernet shield so you will have net connectivity. If she is into gaming then controlling things via a web page GUI displayed on a pc or smart phone might spark interest. Also get a game pad or joy stick for the hand/eye part gamers like.