PV with Arduino and 12Volt Sealed Lead Acid battery

I have bought this solar charger (Epsolar-LS0512E):

, a 12 Volt Sealed Lead Acid battery, and I use this solar panel:

Voltage: 12V Peak Power: 40 W Number of Cell: 36 Pcs Short Circuit Current (Isc): 2.47 A Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.82 V Maximum Power Current (Imp): 2.27 A Maximum PowerVoltage (Vmp): 17.6 V

I want to supply a load, and by reading the solar charger manual it says to use fuses. I use special cable (4mm) for DC current from solar panel to the solar charger. My question is what fuses should I use? Is there any special fuses for PV? Should I take care of something else? It is the 1st time I use PV and I don't know how to proceed...

Can I use this:

connected to the LOAD position of the Epsolar-LS0512E, so that I get measurements or will destroy anything?

Thank you...

Use automotive fuses for 12 volts DC.


What about the INA219?