PVC pipes?

Hey guys, I am about to embark on a soda machine dispenser project for my school’s robotics team, but I ran into the issue of having a hard time finding a place to buy PVC piping, preferably in person… like home depot type shop… but home depot says (on their site) that they don’t sell PVC (wtf, really?)… I can deal with buying it online in bulk, so u can give me online stores too, if ya knw some, but that would be a huge hassle and money waste…

anyways, thx in advance

home depot, lowes, and ace hardware all sell pvc pipes of all shapes and sizes. their sites may not say so but unless yours are anomalies, they do

srsly? Alright, thanks man :wink:

i have to ask; what kind of robotics team?

(and yeah, the Home Depot should sell PVC–at least they do at the one near me)

FRC (First Robotics) Team 1155 - The Sciborgs (Bronx HS of Science)

sweet I was in First robotics at my high school lol

wait were you guys at the midwest regional? i’m part of team 1525–warbots out of deerfield high school.

and your team is making a soda machine? That is so awesome. we’re working on crab drive right now…

nah m8, we were at the Connecticut and NY regionals, then at Atlanta for the Finals…