PWM, Analog Panel meters help needed..

I have a project I am working on, and I need to get one more analoge panel meter working on my arduino, however I am out of PWM pins.

can control a analog meter any other way? I have 2 analog input pins free, and also the serial pins (0 and 1.)

any ideas?

I believe that there are soem IC's that can be controlled with I2C or SPI that produce PWM outputs.

I dont have any specific partnumbers, but try to google I2C SPI PWM or something like that.

You might have to rearrange the way you use your Arduino pins. And remember that the 2 remaining analog pins can be used a digital pins (I/O) as well.

TLC5940 from TI, 16 channel PWM, via SPI, and there’s a real nice library that emerged a few weeks ago on the forum.

Also you can get I2C D/A converters. There is the PCF8591 which also has 4 A/D converters as well as one D/A. Then there is the AD5398

I am sure I saw an IC with 6 D/As using I2C but I can't find at the moment. Try googling around

You could also consider using a digital pot, something like this: