PWM and Delay Issues

I'm having a strange issue with analogWrite() and delay() within my program. I'm not exactly sure what the issue is since my code worked fine on my ardunio Uno but fails on a custom PCB using the ATMEGA328P-AU (same as arduino pro mini) at 5V and 16Mhz. I'm using two PWM outputs on pin 3 and pin 5. Here is what I have for debugging purposes.

void setup(){ pinMode(3,OUTPUT); } void loop(){ analogWrite(3,0); delay(1000); analogWrite(3,255); delay(1000); }

if I have that simple code, pin 3 never goes high, same results if I do digitalWrite(). Now if I start with analogWrite(3,255) and then set it low 1000ms later, it works. I figure its some timer/interrupt issue, but how I do i get around it without changing pins since I already have the PCB made. I don't even need to use PWM, digitalWrite would be fine.

Why not just use digitalWrite then?

void loop(){

well I could go without PWM, but I rather have it. I think I found the issue, I was importing <avr/interrupt.h> since my earlier code was using it, but forgot to remove the include when removing the code. For some reason, when I removed the include, it seems to work fine now.